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Defining your Requirements

Ensuring prospective Service Providers understand your expectations and outcomes from engaging them to run a technology or managed service for you is one of the cornerstones to success. By having clear and transparent outcomes means that you significantly reduce the opportunities for misunderstanding between you and your Service Provider.

Setting out your requirements for service delivery to a Service Provider is one thing; making certain that they are in a form so that both you and your Service Partner:

  • fully understand them
  • can engage together in ensuring the delivery of the service improves from its current standard
  • but at the same time reduce the costs of delivery

Is entirely a different matter.

Within ACCELERATE, we have a Requirements Definition Framework for managed services and technology projects that helps you and your Service Provider understand what expectations you have from the service. It also provides a due diligence methodology for both you and your Service Provider to engage in so that you fully understand what delivery outcomes will be met and exceeded and which ones will not and what operational compromises you will need to accept. In this way, you can be clear what outcomes you will be able to deliver on from the services and those you will not. The methodology and frameworks significantly reduce the time frame to benefit realisation and also reduce the total end to end operating costs.

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