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Expert Witness Services

The majority of advisors within Best Practice Group also act in an Expert Witness capacity. Whilst advice has been provided in a number of wide ranging projects, their key expertise revolves around evaluating evidence and providing opinion in relation to agreements in strategic partnerships, shared services, outsourcing and technology.


There are usually many reasons as to why these key business initiatives, transformation processes, outsourcing and shared service agreements fail. Often, the causes of these failed initiatives can be traced back to a lack of visibility, diligence and the professional advice provided by the strategic partner at the outset of an agreement.

The advisors within Best Practice Group have very specific and extensive experience in identifying whether partners have undertaken appropriate due diligence on a client’s expected outcomes from the partnership agreement both pre and post contractually, based on their represented expertise of their field.

That is usually followed by a process of technical investigation to identify the mechanics of where technology agreements, strategic partnerships and shared service solutions have failed to achieve their stated (and implied) objectives. From this, our advisors can determine whether the evidence available warrants progression of your case for the purposes of recovering the project/initiative and getting it back on track, or terminating it and bringing the relationship to an amicable parting.

Where an amicable parting is not possible and the process escalates into formal litigation, the advisors within Best Practice Group provide support to the solicitors and barristers involved in a matter by providing opinion on the key aspects of evidence available.

Viewpoints from instructing solicitors and barristers


Mr Richard Mawrey QC

Mr Richard Mawrey QC, Barrister/Deputy High Court Judge, Henderson Chambers

“I have a high opinion of their abilities. Their high level of expertise is always expressed in a clear, focused and logical manner. I have recommended them as experts in appropriate cases with complete confidence.”




Martin Hicks QC

Mr Martin Hicks QC, Senior Barrister, The chambers of David Waters QC

“The technical investigation conducted by Best Practice Group was thorough and the presentation of their report was both objective and pertinent. I continue to have a high opinion of their abilities.”


Robert Onslow Expert Witness

Mr Robert Onslow, Barrister, Chambers of Mark Platt-Mills QC

“I have recommended Best Practice Group to a number of clients in heavy IT litigation because their expert reports are balanced, lucid and above all, jargon-free.”




Matthew Lawson Expert Witness

Mr Matthew Lawson, Barrister, The Chambers of Richard Ferguson QC

“I would recommend Best Practice Group. Their written and oral presentation of evidence was clear, logical and persuasive.”



Michael Green Expert Witness

Mr Michael Green, Partner, Weightmans

“From the initial instruction Best Practice Group provided robust, coherent  and purposeful advice which paid particularly close attention to the instructions, a trait not always forthcoming in experts. I have no doubt their intervention was pivotal in making the other side face up to reality and eventually led to settlement. I would recommend them without hesitation.”


Tim Ashdown Expert Witness

Mr Tim Ashdown, Head of IP/IT at DMH Solicitors

“We regularly instruct Best Practice Group, and it’s wealth of retained expertise, to assist our client’s in resolving technology issues. They are skilled in procurement and implementation but also in providing consultancy and expert advice when disputes arise. The skills of BPG and it’s consultants have enabled us to resolve a number of extremely complex and high-value technology disputes at a much earlier stage and on much better terms than would have been achieved without them.”