Building Schools Future BSF white paper

White Paper : 9 Key Steps to Improving Managed Services ICT Provision within BSF, Fast

An effective ICT Managed Service is the cornerstone to the success of your schools’ ICT transformation. However, many are suffering due to poor service, slow response times and inefficient communication channels.

This White Paper provides key tips on:

  • How to get issues fixed, fast.
  • How to get the performance of your Managed Services provider back on track.
  • What challenges other Councils and schools are experiencing with their ICT Managed Services provision for BSF.
  • How PRINCE2 and other project management methodologies designed to improve the service can and do inadvertently make things worse for you.
  • How the contract with your LEP stops you getting things fixed quickly and how to overcome these issues in 9 steps.
  • How to improve value for money, efficiencies and service in a very short time frame.

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