Cloud Computing Contracts White Paper

How To Successfully Contract For Cloud Services

Would you sign a contract that guarantees you carry all the risk?

“You promise to compensate us for any additional costs we incur because of any delay or failure by you to perform your obligations or responsibilities under this Service Contract.”  

“…we will have no liability to you for unauthorised access or use, corruption, deletion or loss of any of your content or applications.”

The cloud offers untold benefits, but it’s essential you procure your cloud services in the right way.

To Successfully Contract for Cloud Services – Download the Free White Paper that Covers:

  • Ensuring you select a provider that helps you cut costs and achieve your business outcomes.
  • Make sure the cloud services you select are fully fit for purpose.
  • Validating that your contract terms encapsulate a win win for both you and your cloud provider.
  • Pitfalls you must look out for in cloud providers’ standard contract terms.
  • How the procurement process you undertake has a significant effect on your ability to realise benefits from the cloud.
  • How you can ensure that you are not assuming all the contractual, commercial and technical risk of using cloud services.