White Paper

Failed Outsourcing Relationship

Failed Outsourcing Relationship?

Outsourcing relationships are hard to operate and manage. Really hard.

You’ve tried everything you can to make it work. You’ve encouraged your vendor; you’ve supported them; you’ve tried win-win negotiating. As a last resort, you may even have tried threatening them, but to no avail. And, their poor performance is still a huge risk to your organisation.

10 Steps to Getting Out Safely & Quickly at Minimum Cost

Download this White Paper which gives you the key steps to prepare you for a much safer termination and exit process. Advice includes:

  • How to self-diagnose whether you should really be terminating early, or giving the relationship ‘one more push’
  • How some of the protection you thought you had in your written contract actually makes your situation worse; how to get around it
  • Understanding the ‘unwritten’ contractual obligations all specialist vendors have & how they can be used to accelerate the termination & exit process, safely & at minimum cost
  • 4 key actions that can cut 50% off the time for a safe termination & exit
  • What 3 actions make the termination process riskier; how to avoid them
  • Case study examples of what other organisations have undertaken to terminate long term relationships early, recover substantial fees, & replace the strategic vendor with other providers that worked well.