White Paper

Failed Outsourcing Relationship

Problematic Outsourcing Relationship?

Is your strategic vendor relationship failing to deliver your expected business outcomes? Is trust between your organisation and your vendor at an all time low? Are service levels sub-par? Are costs higher than projected? Have project phases taken longer than promised?

If you’re suffering from a problematic relationship, then you’re not alone. Yet, even the most seemingly hopeless situations can be turned round if the correct steps are followed…

How to Improve Performance, Rebuild Trust & Maximise Value

Download this White Paper which gives you 8 key steps to help you get your relationship back on track. Advice includes:

  • Why strategic vendor relationships breakdown and what to do about it
  • How to identify if your vendor is responsible for dealing with your problems 
  • The behaviours that can promote performance hurdles and commercial distrust, and how to avoid them
  • The four areas of responsibility you have to your vendor 
  • How to rescue your project quickly, save you costs and improve your ongoing vendor relationship 
  • Case study examples of what other organisations have undertaken to avoid terminating their relationship; how services were reshaped, cash savings gained and relationships strengthened promoting a win win situation for both client and vendor.