Free Project Recovery Guide

New Court Rulings : Why Vendors have to take responsibility to get errant projects back on track, fast.

Every major new project, be it an IT/business system procurement or commissioned service, starts off with the best of intentions, so why do 87% fail?

Project failures, budget blowouts and timescale overruns can be avoided. Recent court rulings ensure vendors must take more responsibility to get errant projects back on track.

This White Paper provides key tips on:

  • Why projects fail and what to do about it.
  • How to identify if your vendor is responsible for dealing with your problems.
  • Should your vendor have warned you about potential¬†misunderstandings over your requirements.
  • Who pays to rectify misunderstood requirements.
  • How to¬†rescue your project quickly, save you costs and improve your ongoing vendor relationship.
  • If all else fails, how to get out of your contract safely and maintain business as usual services.