White Paper

Strategic Commissioning:

The 5 Steps to Successful Strategic Commissioning

The majority of service provider relationships are borne out of a desire to cut costs and improve service delivery, however the opposite can (and often does) occur. Many Local Authorities do not appreciate the complexities involved in establishing a strong service provider partnership from the outset.

This White Paper provides key tips on:

  • How you can improve service delivery and lower costs (savings of 15-35% p.a. are not unusual), fast
  • Motivating providers to innovate in service delivery
  • Understanding the ‘expert’ responsibilities of your provider to ensure misunderstandings and unexpected costs are avoided
  • Ensuring the culture of the provider aligns to getting you maximum value from your relationship
  • Making sure your business outcomes are quantified and understood by your provider (and avoiding internal disagreements)
  • Why strategic commissioning relationships fail and what to do about it.