New Court Rulings

Strategic Vendor Responsibilities White Paper

Strategic Vendor Responsibilities

Do you feel that your strategic vendor may have lost sight of the principles of ‘partnership working’? Perhaps you feel frustrated or even ‘bullied’ by your vendor into accepting poor service that adversely impacts your business? If so, you are not alone. 73% of strategic vendor agreements run over time, budget or fail outright.

New court rulings ensure vendors must take more responsibility to ensure your objectives are met.

Organisations need effective strategic vendor partnerships that not only maintain, but improve service delivery and achieve significant cost savings. The most common challenges faced by organisations entering into strategic vendor partnerships can be prevented.

This White Paper provides key tips on:

  • The 6 steps needed to ensure a successful vendor relationship
  • Why your vendor has a duty to ‘think for you’ and to ‘warn you’ about potential misunderstandings over your requirements – before you sign the contract
  • Top 3 reasons why partnerships fail; how you can avoid failure
  • How to identify if your vendor is responsible for dealing with your problems
  • How using project management frameworks in-house can erode an expert vendor’s responsibilities
  • How the way you manage your vendor can in effect re-write your contract terms.