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Selecting the Right Partner

Selecting the right partner is, without doubt, the key component of entering into a technology or managed services agreement. The right partner makes the difference between excellent service delivery and a glidepath for year on year cost reduction and, at the same time, to provide year on year service level improvements.

Contrast this where the wrong partner has been selected and the effect is a significant reduction in service delivery, reduced engagement with your clients, poor staff/team morale and increased costs of delivery.

But how do you select the right service delivery partner? Some partners operate highly effectively in certain local government, public sector or commercial environments, but very poorly in others. There are also mistakes that need to be avoided before selecting a partner.

Our ACCELERATE methodology includes a partner selection framework that ensures you select the right partner for your organisation and that the partner improves your effectiveness in service delivery. The framework also assists in ensuring the total costs of ownership reduce on a year by year basis whilst at the same time improving service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction.

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