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Services We Provide – Making Service Provider Partnerships Work

BPG saves its clients between 20% to 35% of their end to end costs and implementation time when they procure and implement Outsourcing and/or Technology projects through external service providers.

Principally, we do three things:

  1. Help clients find the right service provider in the first place, ensure the services delivered meet the organisation’s business outcomes, that costs of delivery are minimised and relationships between the service provider and the client are optimised.
  2. Improve the performance of existing outsourcing/technology providers whilst producing direct cashable savings
  3. Minimising risk and cost and maintaining service levels whilst an underperforming partner is replaced


Why is this expertise necessary?

  • Research from the British Computer Society, Gartner Group, Standish Group, Butler Group, Kable Group, KPMG, Technocrati and others concludes that between 56% and 87% of these major projects fail outright within 2 years of commencement, going over double their budget and implementation timescales.

Why are BPG’s advisors more effective?

  • Extensive operational expertise. They are ex-CIO’s, IT Directors, Service Directors/Managers and Business Process Re-engineering Experts.
  • Many of our advisors have also read, implemented and/or practised contract law in live commercial environments.

How does this make us unique?

  • Hands-on operational and contractual expertise
  • Specialised combined operational and contractual expertise helps us align contractual terms to the business outcomes and operating relationships expected of service providers
  • The war wounds of over 500 projects that we have been asked to recover after the event

What does this expertise mean?

  • Operating costs are cut by 20% to 35%
  • Business outcomes are achieved twice as fast – see the comments from our public sector and private sector clients
  • Excellent operating relationships are forged with your service providers – working in true partnership
  • Working to our strengths, we deliver excellent outcomes in half the time of other practices
  • We help coach your own people to achieve these benefits for your own organisation.