Client Case Study

Westminster City Council makes £2.5m cashable savings – in just 16 weeks…

Westminster City Council improves an existing strategic partnership so much, that the Council saved millions in direct cashable savings and the relationship with its partner goes from strength to strength.

Faced with a serious under performance by Westminster’s strategic outsourcing partner and very low levels of user satisfaction, Westminster issued its partner with a 120 day rescue ultimatum. By following the BPG-steered framework, the situation turned around dramatically within 16 weeks. Today the council and its partner are back on track and have a robust long-term partnership.

Some of the key benefits achieved:

  • Direct cashable benefits of £2.5m.
  • Customer satisfaction increase from 28% to 72% and improving each week.
  • Strategic partner relations changed from poor to excellent.
  • Benefits achieved within 120 days

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