What to Outsource

Deciding whether to outsource is quite an involved experience. Deciding what services to outsource can often be even more challenging. As with most external partnerships, when they work well, they can improve your service delivery to a breathtaking standard. You can often secure better value for money and improve the quality of delivery of your services at the same time.

However, when outsourcing doesn’t achieve your expectations, you often end up paying far more and ending up with service delivery that is much worse than before you outsourced. We are often asked to collaborate in improving the performance of existing outsourcing arrangements that fall short of expectation. The result of our involvement is usually significantly improved partner and internal communications and relationships, performance and much lower operating costs.

The turn around of under-performance is made possible through retrospective introduction of the ACCELERATE methodology, which is equally applicable to mid-life repositioning of existing outsourcing agreements as it is to formulating new ones.

BPG’s ACCELERATE framework helps you decide whether you should outsource and, if so, how to prioritise what services it would be appropriate to start with.