Cut Costs of IT and Outsourcing Projects by 35%

By Allan Watton on

A New Court Ruling can cut your organisation’s major project / outsourcing costs by up to 35%. The lessons learned from this ruling can also help enrich your working relationship with your Service Provider and significantly improve your service delivery level.

It is notoriously difficult to realise benefits from major projects and outsourcing. Between 56%-87% of all major projects and outsourcing agreements end up costing more than double their agreed service cost and take twice as long to realise benefits from the original business case anticipated.  If applied correctly, the lessons from this ruling can have far reaching benefits for councils who are either outsourcing for the first time, extending or getting out of an existing outsourcing agreement.

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  • How to cut costs quickly from new and existing major projects and outsourcing agreements.
  • How to prevent unexpected costs from arising; if they do, who is responsible.
  • How to avoid misunderstandings over your expectations.
  • How to improve service delivery performance and forge strong relationships.
  • How to ensure your own behaviours don’t undermine the contract (a common problem in doubling the costs and timescales of outsourcing agreements).
  • How to achieve your benefits realisation, faster.