Using Competitive Dialogue:

The Key mistakes everyone makes in using Competitive Dialogue for Outsourcing, Technology and Shared Services Projects.

Competitive Dialogue is not as widely used as other OJEU procurement frameworks but for major transformation and technology projects, it is a very helpful framework to ensure that both you and your prospective partners can perform appropriate due diligence on each other to determine whether the solution you procure will be fit for its intended purpose.

This guide is written in layman’s terms. It explains in clear language what the key issues are you should consider when using the Competitive Dialogue framework for major projects.

Using Competitive Dialogue Guide

The key issues are:

  • How do you provide appropriate visibility of your expectations to prospective partners to avoid misunderstandings later in the procurement process?
  • How do you objectively evaluate and select prospective partners in order to avoid legal challenge?
  • What types of projects should we use Competitive Dialogue for?
  • What are the key factors to consider?
  • What contractual issues do you need to be aware of?

These questions and many more are answered in this free guide on Competitive Dialogue.