The 5 Steps to Successful Strategic Commissioning

Strategic Commissioning

The majority of service provider relationships are borne out of a desire to cut costs and improve service delivery, however the opposite can (and often does) occur. Many Local Authorities do not appreciate the complexities involved in establishing a strong service provider partnership from the outset.

This White Paper provides key tips on:

  • How you can improve service delivery and lower costs (savings of 15-35% p.a. are not unusual), fast
  • Motivating providers to innovate in service delivery
  • Understanding the ‘expert’ responsibilities of your provider to ensure misunderstandings and unexpected costs are avoided
  • Ensuring the culture of the provider aligns to getting you maximum value from your relationship
  • Making sure your business outcomes are quantified and understood by your provider (and avoiding internal disagreements)
  • Why strategic commissioning relationships fail and what to do about it.


Chief Executive of Best Practice Group.

Allan has worked on 500+ strategic partnerships that have required re-alignment and re-shaping. Of these, many have been ‘problematic’ Projects. With so much at stake, and with so much potential for things to go wrong, it’s unsurprising that many strategic commissioning projects run into trouble.

Allan’s worked in the Strategic Service Commissioning, Business Process Outsourcing and Technology fields for nearly 30 years. He is regarded as one of the UK’s foremost authorities on strategic service provider relationships and developing practical contract structures for complex projects and programmes that involve multi-vendor, multi-source relationships.

He has recently advised on a public sector £5.4bn strategic service commissioning arrangement covering over 200 business process services that delivered £15m direct cash savings in its first 12 weeks, and a Section 75 agreement for a £3.5bn local authority/NHS Trust adult social care integration shared service that is anticipated to save £20m per annum.

An experienced service owner and practitioner who has also read contract law, Allan’s experience in understanding how client side delivery behaviours in complex vendor relationships undermine vendor contractual responsibilities, makes him a recognised specialist in advising on the implied (undocumented) contractual obligations of expert vendors.

Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Allan