Bradford & Sons

ERP Procurement

Adrian Haughton, Group Finance Director

Best Practice Group worked with Bradfords on the procurement of a replacement enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. I’m not a fan of using consultants, but BPG’s targeted and practical blend of legal and project expertise is absolutely right – and very good value for money.

BPG has mentored us through the entire ERP procurement project. They helped Bradfords to scope the terms of reference for the project, worked with us to create our invitation to tender, assisted with vendor selection and contract negotiation, right through to sign off and implementation. Their approach brought a new level of discipline and rigour to these processes and allowed us to objectively review our own business practices.

The old ERP system had us tearing our hair out. But we recently had a ‘big bang’ weekend where we went live with the ERP across 27 branches in one weekend, and it went really well. Although there are still lots of bells and whistles to go in,  we’ve had a very good ERP implementation so far – something I put down to the rigour of the BPG process.

I will be looking at procuring systems for manufacturing in the next few years and I’ll probably be using Best Practice Group again. I’d certainly recommend them.