Early Contract Termination; Contract, Evidence and Options Review

Our Early Contract Termination Contract, Evidence and Options Review uses lessons learned from recent court rulings. These can help inform you of whether your evidence for early termination is clear – or not.

As a Senior Executive, are you 100% clear on:

The Latest Court Cases: Assured clarity

The lessons from recent case law provides clarity over a supplier’s ‘expert responsibilities’. These are ‘hidden’ responsibilities, implied in law, that often aren’t documented in contract wording, but that add clarity to the reviews of your evidence.

Deep operational expertise combined with unparalleled contractual understanding

This Early Termination Evidence and Options Review builds on our having reviewed over 500 complex contracts, service requirements and acted as expert witnesses in court. We understand how the courts interpret service based contracts and evidence of supplier performance. Our operational specialists – experts in contract law and the overlapping specific operational service requirements, use this extensive knowledge to provide the absolute clarity you need when you are considering your early termination options in contracts; and being aware of what to do to ensure the incumbent supplier keeps services running whilst the potential termination is being enacted.

The clarity provided meant that we terminated the contract within 90 days and in turn, saved ourselves £7m per year.

Deputy Chief Executive, a large County Council (specific details available on request)

Assuring certainty of your options at an early stage

You probably already have internal legal, contractual and procurement management teams that are highly capable, but they are likely operating at full capacity or at the edges of their expertise when it comes to dealing with these types of early termination situations. This review will help your team build on its existing strengths and provide the clarity of the evidence required to fully understand the most appropriate route forward for you.

We have a 100% track record on ROI. Our minimum ROI achieved to date is 8 times the fee invested, and our highest is over 200 times. By working with Best Practice Group, you’ll reap the benefits:

The supplier felt it knew the contract very well to threaten us against early termination. It turns out it did not and was making it up as it went along.

Finance Director, a large NHS Trust.

To discover how our Early Termination Evidence Options Review will help you:

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When you call, you’ll speak with an experienced operational service expert who is also an experienced early termination contracts practitioner. We’ll always be completely open and honest. If the review won’t clearly benefit you, then we’ll tell you.

The constant battling with our supplier was wearing us down. This review has renewed our confidence.

CIO, a large drinks manufacturer, distribution and wholesaler (specific details available on request)