Building the right BPG team to assure your strategic suppliers deliver maximum value

We’ve learned what the best supplier relationship management teams look like to deliver great value

Having dealt with over 500 complex supplier relationships, we’ve learned what integrated and multi-disciplinary internal team structures work really well. These teams assure your strategic suppliers deliver maximum value in complex service/solution delivery.

We’ve also learned the specific circumstances in which it is more likely that sustained challenges will continue to exist for you if the approach to structuring the team is not optimised.

Multi-disciplinary and integrated teams

From our extensive experience, we structure our teams to be multi-disciplinary and fully integrated. Each BPG team is structured and optimised to address the specific complex strategic supplier relationship needs in order to drive maximum value in its service/solution delivery. 

This optimisation process includes aligning deep technical domain practitioners, senior stakeholder specialists, experienced management, legal structures, focused planners and specific researchers. There are two key phases to identify the right BPG team structure:

Firstly, we review your business outcomes

What do you want to achieve? (your desired state)

We work with you to identify what your organisation will be able to achieve once new services/solutions from the supplier(s) is in place. In other words, what outcomes and objectives need to be achieved and what stumbling blocks within your organisation will be overcome once the service is live? 

The client and supplier behaviours to achieve the desired state

We’ll identify and review the sustained behaviours you need from your own team and the supplier team in order to achieve the expected objectives you have outlined.

The measurements to determine whether you are on track

We look at the KPIs that need to be in place to measure whether the right behaviours are being achieved between you own client team and your supplier team. This helps us to identify how much certainty you will have that your objectives/outcomes are likely to be achieved.

How will everyone be mobilised in the right way?

To deliver maximum value in service delivery on a sustained basis, we identify what supplier management process is in place and the frequency to continuously evaluate your organisational outcomes required.

From this, we review what front line service delivery feedback is required, the financial consequences, changes in objectives, behaviours and KPIs, and then to identify the contractual strategy that needs to be in place to continue to drive really great behaviours and innovation between you and your supplier. 

Next, we work with you to build the most effective BPG team

We review your feedback

We assess your feedback from the above four principles including:

  • What do you want to achieve? (your desired state)
  • The client and supplier behaviours to achieve the desired state
  • Measurements to determine whether you are on track
  • How will everyone be mobilised in the right way?

Identify the best personal characteristics, skills and experience

Subject to the type of service delivery environment you are operating within, such as in-house, outsourcing, shared services, arms-length and so forth, will determine the final mix of the team we build to assure you achieve an optimised outcome from your complex supplier relationship. These inputs include:

  1. The individual personal characteristics and traits required of the BPG team
  2. The specific domain skills, experience, status, seniority and capability. 

Between us, we'll then determine the required team structure

We then determine that in order to achieve your expectations, what does ‘good look like’ for our internal team to deliver a successful outcome (i.e. to engage with a strategic supplier that is likely to deliver a fit for purpose solution/service on an optimised basis, with contractual foundations that drive really great behaviours for the lifecycle of the relationship). To work this out, we determine:

  1. What mix of technical and legal professions, skills, culture and agility are required within the internal team for the most pressing needs that have to be met for you.
  2. What is the extent of collective responsibility, knowledge and priorities required?
  3. Your pathway for decision making
  4. The level of professional and contractual accountability required for delivering your outcomes and objectives
  5. The levels of obligation of mutuality you need to have between you and your strategic partner.

The above alchemy is designed to assure the right support is put into place and is critical to achieve an optimised service delivery outcome and successful strategic supplier relationship.

What stage is your strategic supplier relationship currently at?

New Relationship

You’re procuring or contracting and you need it to work really well.

Existing Relationship

You’re in a partnership that could be working better.

Broken Relationship

It’s gone wrong. You need help to exit a relationship early and safely transition to another.