Existing Supplier Relationships

You have an existing strategic supplier relationship that you feel could be working better.

We’ll help you rebuild trust, confidence and value, fast.

We’ve helped to re-align over 500 complex strategic supplier relationships. We understand how to get to the underlying issues, blockers and motivations, quickly, so that all parties can work together to identify the appropriate outcomes for both you and your supplier.

We then articulate who is financially responsible for which aspects and update the governance and contract. We encourage, support and mobilise your team to drive great supplier behaviours to successfully implement the improvements. This builds trust and confidence to drive on-going maximum value.

Five steps to assure the successful implementation of fit-for-purpose service improvements, quickly

1-Status Review

(What is already going well? Where do challenges continue to exist?)

We’ll independently and objectively review the evidence of service performance to identify what is already going well and where challenges exist.

2-Clarify Outcomes

(You and your supplier working together identifying great outcomes)

We’ll work with you and your supplier to facilitate what a great outcome looks like, who is financially responsible for which aspects and capture it contractually.

3-Rebuild Trust

(Five behaviours to rebuild trust and confidence in the relationship)

A five-step process to support your rebuilding the trust in the relationship, by the supplier improving their service delivery and providing more value.


(Implementation of the service improvements)

We’ll support you to manage the service improvements with your supplier. It will be aligned to the contract and have new governance that drives great behaviours.


(Assuring the service delivery relationship is at its optimum)

Improved service performance builds trust. It’s now time to support on-going innovation to assure the relationship is providing optimum value.