Examples of projects and complex supplier relationships we help make work really well

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An optimised relationship, free of ambiguity

Our goal is to ensure your complex supplier relationship works really well and it is one free of ambiguity, that provides:

  • Trusted and accountable partnersHelps you and your Supplier work together in partnership and if needs be, contractually holds their feet to the fire.
  • Great behaviour and innovationEnsures you get the operational service you need and that the Supplier is contractually obliged to deliver. Resulting in ‘good behaviours’ between you and your supplier along with supporting really great innovation.

Where are you in your current relationship?

New Relationship

You’re procuring or contracting and you need it to work really well.


Existing Relationship

You’re in a partnership that could be working better.

Broken Relationship

It’s gone wrong. You need help to exit a relationship early and safely transition to another.