Creating New Supplier Relationships

You’re procuring or contracting for a new supplier relationship and you need it to work really well

We can get you into a good place, fast

Having dealt with over 500 complex strategic supplier relationships across the private and public sectors, we know what works, what doesn’t, and the common pitfalls to avoid.

We have developed hundreds of structured templates that will save you huge amounts of time in the procurement process, they include:

  • Business cases
  • Objectives & outcomes
  • Requirements gathering and articulation
  • Procurement and contracting strategies
  • Project plans
  • Contract terms
  • Governance procedures.

Once aligned to your business outcomes, these will help to clearly communicate your expectations to your executive stakeholders and to the strategic supplier marketplace. In turn, you’ll have the foundations to drive really great service delivery and value from your new strategic supplier relationship.

Just five steps to successfully engage the right partners:

1. Are you Ready to Procure?

(Internal procurement readiness assessment)

We assure your ‘readiness’ so you know how quickly the solutions and services can be safely procured. We can help you fill in any gaps to accelerate the process.

2. Early Market Test

(Test your approach and expectations with potential suppliers)

Identify the ‘art of the possible’ with suppliers to explore your expectations of services and solutions available, pricing, time scales and resourcing.

3. Finalise your Requirements

(Clarity of your own and potential supplier’s expectations)

The market test provides better clarity on the ‘art of the possible’. You now finalise your expectations to achieve best value services aligned to business outcomes.

4. Negotiate/Buy/Implement

(Streamlined win-win negotiation, procurement and implementation)

Safely negotiate, procure and implement. You have avoided misunderstandings and have a flexible contract that holds suppliers accountable but drives great behaviours.

5. Relationship Management

(Drive on-going maximum value for the relationship lifecycle)

A process to keep the supplier’s services aligned to your business outcomes for the life of the relationship. A great position to be in, driving on-going maximum value.