Get your complex supplier relationships to a great place, quickly

You will be supported to achieve three key outcomes:

New Supplier Relationship

You’re procuring or contracting and you need it to work really well.

Existing Supplier Relationship

You’re in a strategic partnership that could be working better.

Broken Supplier Relationship

It’s gone wrong. You need help exiting a supplier relationship early and safely transition to another.

Support that drives maximum value for you

Assure your strategic supplier relationships are fit for purpose and complex contracts are much simpler.

Typically, our engagements involve very complex services and supporting contractual arrangements such as PFI, PPP, large and complex IT system integration projects, large hard and soft FM service agreements, strategic and transformational services outsourcing.

We are specialists in simplifying complex contract structures to optimise and, where appropriate, re-align these key relationships to achieve the business outcomes and objectives you originally expected.

We support public sector organisations and larger private blue-chip companies.

In the public sector, we support local authorities, police, fire and ambulance services, social housing, NHS and central government.

In the private sector, we typically work with banks and other financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, legal firms, retail, construction and distribution.

You can read more about the sectors we work with here.

You can implement the 10 key behaviours that drive the best value.

There are 10 key foundations underpinning all successful complex supplier relationships that keep you in the right place. These ‘behaviours’ ensure your service relationships achieve your business objectives and outcomes, build trust and encourage innovation, supported by a flexible contract structure that drives best value and true partnership working.

You can use our expertise to get you to a good place, quickly.

You can quickly optimise your complex supplier relationships to drive maximum value, with our support. We share our knowledge, tools and techniques to build your internal capability – knowledge which you can carry forward to future relationships and complex projects.

We’ve dealt with over 500 complex supplier relationships, so we know what good looks like to assure your relationship achieves your business outcomes. We also know what ‘not good’ looks like and can guide you to avoid time and cost-debilitating activities. We aren’t complacent though – we always learn something new from every project we support and incorporate those learnings with each relationship.

We only operate in our areas of expertise

Our clients recognise us as the leader in driving maximum value in complex/strategic supplier relationships.

However, if your relationships are less strategic and more transactional (for example, it involves the procurement of hundreds or thousands of components), feel free to give us a call as we know firms that provide good advice in these areas.