What is a complex strategic supplier relationship/partnership?

A complex supplier relationship (or strategic supplier relationship/partnership) delivers key client solutions. It strengthens collaboration and drives a culture of creativity, innovation, and shared ownership between both client and supplier. You’ll find at least one, but usually several, of the following features:

Complex Service Solutions

Complex Service Transformation, IT Solutions, Integration, Hard/Soft FM, Construction, Infrastructure.

Numerous Sub-contractors

A prime service partner with many sub-contractors (Construction, Systems Integrators and so forth).

Multiple Stakeholder Relationships

Where multiple client stakeholders will be impacted by the success or otherwise of the service delivered by the partner

Competing Business Priorities

Different internal client stakeholders often believe their own department has the greatest priorities.

Service/Solution Criticality

Mission critical services with co-dependencies (e.g. Critical IT Systems or Hard FM Health and Safety).

High Levels of Trust Required

High levels of trust and collaboration are required with your strategic supplier partner to drive innovation and maximum value.

Potential for High Commercial Risk

There are often millions of pounds at stake for service delivery across many co-dependent services.

Key Reputational Risk Considerations

If the initiative is not delivered, there is a high risk of personal and corporate reputations being damaged.

Recognising and optimising these features can assure commercial success.

Understanding ‘what good looks like’ for complex strategic supplier relationships will help you design great service outcomes and overcome risks.

Our OPTIMISE method will help you select the right solution, from a supplier that culturally aligns with you, and develop a fit-for-purpose flexible contract that drives great behaviours and maximum value for the lifecycle of the partnership.

What stage is your strategic supplier partnership currently at?

New Partnership

You’re procuring or contracting and you need it to work really well.

Existing Partnership

You’re in a partnership that could be working better.

Broken Partnership

It’s gone wrong. You need help to exit a relationship early and safely transition to another.