Broken Supplier Relationships

Your strategic supplier relationship has gone wrong. You need support to exit early and safely transition to another supplier.

We’ll help you exit your broken supplier relationship quickly at minimum cost and reduce reputational risk.

Our extensive experience as court appointed Expert Witnesses, means we understand what ‘poor service’ evidence provides greater certainty to rely on to terminate your contract/relationship early, and which evidence won’t help you.

We can support your specialist legal team by reviewing the appropriate technical evidence for an agreed early exit with your supplier, usually avoiding court proceedings and the high costs that go along with them. We can then make sure new service providers are successfully delivering maximum value.

Four steps to achieve a safe outcome:

1-Evidence Review

Which evidence will support or detract from an early contract termination?

We’ll objectively review what evidence works for you and what evidence works against you for an early exit.

2-Clarify Strategies

Articulate an early exit and new service provision strategies

We’ll develop robust strategies for negotiation to exit early. We’ll also help you structure service transition planning.


Safely negotiate your exit knowing your evidence is strong.

We help you in negotiations to achieve an early exit and support from your legacy suppliers to new suppliers.

4-New Suppliers

We’ll make sure your legacy supplier(s) helps your new supplier(s)

We’ll make sure new suppliers minimise risk pricing, your transition is smooth and drives maximum value.