We’re creating successful strategic supplier relationships for the future

Our Vision

To drive maximum value in complex strategic supplier relationships. To continually strive to remain the market leader in making complex strategic supplier relationships work really well by driving maximum value for everyone.

Our Mission

Sustainable innovation. To help you create great behaviours in complex strategic supplier relationships that enable critical innovation in service delivery on a sustainable basis.

Our Values


We are fully dedicated to the highest quality in all of the work we do. Quality is the uncompromising standard for all of our actions.


As individuals, we demand total responsibility and accountability from ourselves. As team members, we support the responsibilities of others.


Independence is critical to shape our future by investing to innovate our service. We need both profit and timely cashflow to remain completely independent.


The standard by which our business relationships should be measured, is the degree to which mutual benefits for our clients, staff, associates and suppliers are created.


We try to use resources to the full, minimise ineffectiveness and only provide professional services support to our clients, in what we do best.

What stage is your strategic supplier relationship currently at?

New Relationship

You’re procuring or contracting and you need it to work really well.

Existing Relationship

You’re in a partnership that could be working better.

Broken Relationship

It’s gone wrong. You need help to exit a relationship early and safely transition to another.