We create win-win partnerships between you and your strategic suppliers

We get you to a great place, quickly

At Best Practice Group our goal is to ensure your complex/strategic supplier relationship works really well. That it’s free from ambiguity and it enables you and your supplier to work together as trusted partners. But if needs be, you will also be able to contractually hold your supplier’s ‘feet to the fire’.

The result? You drive ‘good behaviours’ between you both and support really great innovation. You reduce risk, save time and avoid misunderstandings. Ultimately, you achieve maximum value and get to a safe place, fast.

A fresh perspective

You may already have trusted in-house and/or external experts in legal, finance, IT, operations and procurement, but in terms of optimising the performance of complex strategic supplier relationships, these individuals may either be over-stretched and/or working at the edges of their expertise with little integration. At BPG we uniquely integrate commercial, legal, contractual, technical and operational knowledge of our team to support successful strategic supplier relationships.

Having optimised the performance of over 500 complex supplier relationships for over 270 organisations in the private, public and charity sectors, we bring a fresh perspective and insight. We’ve seen what works really well and which behaviours drive maximum value between client and supplier. We’ve also seen contractual structures and governance that encourage poor behaviour and are best avoided.

Our clients tell us that we have more experience of optimising complex supplier relationships than anyone else they’ve previously met. You will benefit from this experience. Since our inception, we’ve generated financial benefits for clients of over £570m.

Driving maximum value

We are heralded as one of the best kept secrets in the  optimisation of complex and strategic supplier relationships. The table on the right will give you an indication of the success derived from our hugely deep domain expertise.

You can benefit from our experience too. We’ll make sure you have the most effective support to achieve exceptional innovation and  drive maximum value  in your strategic supplier relationship.

What stage is your strategic supplier relationship currently at?

New Relationship

You’re procuring or contracting and you need it to work really well.

Existing Relationship

You’re in a partnership that could be working better.

Broken Relationship

It’s gone wrong. You need help to exit a relationship early and safely transition to another.