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FastTrack Procurement Support

The FastTrack Procurement Process has been developed by BPG based on many years of practical experience gathered within vendor and client environments both in the private and public sector.

The key purpose of the FastTrack process is to provide public sector organisations with a procurement method which minimises the time between starting a procurement and awarding the contract. The added advantage is that the contract will include ‘special terms’ obliging the vendor to perform a post-contractual ‘Due Diligence Exercise’ to ensure sufficient detailed dialogue takes place to validate the vendor’s proposal; if this is not satisfactorily achieved, the client is able to re-open the competition.

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How BPG Can Help

Benefit of Engaging BPG

Expressing Your Requirements

Trying to capture requirements and objectives is a difficult task. Bidders need to understand your current processes, the requirements for your new solution and the outcomes you wish to achieve. It’s extremely important to have quantifiable business outcomes stated in a way that allows them to be contractually relied upon.

BPG has over 20 years’ experience running complex procurements and has tried and trusted processes, templates and knowledge of running requirements workshops and bringing together cross functional teams to agree on objectives and business outcomes at all levels.

• Fast, full and accurate capture of your requirements and objectives

• Clear articulation of corporate and operational business drivers, objectives and priorities

• Creation of requirements documentation which is robust and fit for contractual purposes

Tendering Procedure

Using the OJEU Open or Restricted procedures only allows you to take ‘one shot’ at running your competition so getting it right first time is absolutely essential. Your specification, award criteria, contract terms, timelines and response templates need to be absolutely fit for purpose and it is vital you run the competition according to EU rules.

BPG can fast-track you to the issue of a PQQ or RFI document alongside other supplier appraisal techniques before issuing the final tender pack. We have a huge library of up-to-date templates which will allow for speedy engagement with the market.

Our response templates ensure that the supplier confirms that their solution meets the requirements and objectives, highlight any gaps and state the consequences of such gaps.

• Accelerated issue of competition documents

• Robust, consistent and EU-compliant documents and process management

• Reduced procurement costs due to faster process, pre-configured documents and no need to pay for legal drafting


The possibility of choosing the wrong criteria or making a mistake when evaluating can be disastrous. Aside from this, people involved in the competition evaluation need to be fully aware of the evaluation process and how to score bids objectively and auditably, which is something they often need help with to get right and challenge-proof.

BPG will facilitate the clarification and evaluation of each tender in a way that is fully compliant with EU rules and ensures that an audit trail which will stand up to any level of scrutiny.

BPG will also train your evaluation panel and your evaluation moderators in the correct procedure for scoring bids and recording the results. We also take care of drafting contract award notices and debriefing letters.

• Open, fair and transparent evaluation planned early in the process ensures a speedy award of contract

• Process and competition documentation that will hold up to any challenge

• Award of contract in the minimum overall timescale and cost

Due Diligence

Standard procurement procedures finish when the contract is awarded and unless you use the Competitive Dialogue procedure there is normally no way for the awarded supplier to undertake a due diligence exercise to validate the proposal they submit BEFORE you commit to the contract. This often results in pre-contract assumptions and misunderstandings giving rise to post-contractual change requests that can unexpectedly increase the price of the solution.

BPG has developed a unique process that allows you to go to contract for the solution you need as quickly as possible, then have the supplier undertake an expert analysis to validate their proposal and if that validation fails or is inferior still leaves you able to reject them and resume with another bidder. Preferred bidders are obliged to go through all your processes in detail to make sure they fully understand your requirements and highlight any gaps they see. This is done within standard Government Procurement Service frameworks and special terms which the supplier agrees within the competition, which keeps the completion alive and allows you to go back to the market if the preferred bid does not ‘come up to scratch’ after due diligence.

• A fully validated and warranted, capped-price proposal for the solution/service

• Option to cancel the contract with the preferred bidder and revert to the next highest scoring bidder.

• A ‘bullet-proof’, risk assured contract