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PFI Operational Contracts Support

If you are responsible for one or more of the 700 or so operational PFI contracts across the United Kingdom, then you will have first-hand experience of the pressure exerted by PFI-related charges when staff and funds are both in short supply. You will also understand the need to attempt to maintain control over your providers, while looking to reduce costs wherever possible.

Best Practice Group (BPG) specialises in assisting public sector clients to get the most from their outsourcing and complex service contracts. Our core purpose is to help you save time and money through improved provider relationships, contracts and knowledge.

Our PFI expertise

Our advisers have many years of experience in scoping, procuring, implementing and managing thesecontracts. They pioneered the implementation of HM Treasury ‘Making Savings in Operational PFI Contracts’ guidance and have in-depth knowledge of the commercial drivers which determine the value-for-money outcome of implementing a wide variety of savings initiatives.

Why you may need our help

We appreciate that increasing pressure from HM Treasury and internal budgetary constraints have made PFI-related savings a top priority for public sector organisations. Although some savings guidance is available from HM Treasury and Local Partnerships, the implementation of cost and efficiency improvements requires time and resources that many organisations no longer have at their disposal.

With PFI contracts running for a term of 20-30 years procured buildings and services can often become out of sync with the needs and priorities of the contracting organisations. We can help to realign your contract with your current needs.

Based on client feedback, we have developed a package of customisable services for organisations with operational PFIs to enable them to reduce PFI-related costs and adapt PFI-managed services and buildings to their current needs.

In addition, BPG advisers can provide a variety of other PFI-related advisory services including:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Health checks of PFI monitoring structures and systems – using our tried and tested techniques to enhance financial and commercial monitoring with reduced client resources
  • Benchmarking and market testing support
  • Contract management training
  • PFI academy conversions

Click here to download information on our Support Services for PFI Academies. For further details on our other PFI services, please email Vicky at or call 0845 345 0130.

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