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Project Health Check

Major projects and programmes are very resource intensive. The internal teams that work on them often have multiple other work streams they are dealing with. Creating clearly communicated outcomes and objectives, requirements and expectations can be a significant challenge for the teams involved.

It can be the case that although the documentation created makes sense to the internal team dealing with the project, the potential service partner(s) can misinterpret your organisation’s expectations and requirements. This can lead to misunderstandings during the deployment process, resulting in scope creep and unanticipated chargeable change control.

BPG has designed a completely confidential project health check process within our ACCELERATE methodology. This helps identify whether:

  • your outcomes and expectations are likely to be clearly interpreted by your prospective partner
  • your requirements are likely to be open to more than one interpretation
  • your requirements align with the business outcomes you expect from the project
  • the contractual arrangements reflect an equitable (a) balance of risk aligned to the party that is most able and equipped to deal with that risk and (b) the commercial arrangements and payment terms reflect achievement of the business outcomes expected.

The outcome from our independent healthcheck is to provide you with an external validation to ensure all the right elements are in place, so that the project is a success and delivers the business outcomes you expect. As with all the services we normally provide, you do not pay for any services that you do not consider to provide you with value.