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Relationship Management

One of the most challenging aspects of any technology and/or managed services agreement is the relationship.

Service providers often advocate ‘partnership’ working – but their actions are those of a supplier. Every single initiative, change, misunderstanding – all separately chargeable under the contract terms. Usually, the provider claims that they misunderstood your requirements; you didn’t tell them the requirements clearly; you’ve changed your requirements.

Somehow – the Service Provider implies that it is all your fault. And you pay more money. It takes far longer to implement. You don’t realise the benefits you expected.

Is that really ‘partnership’ working?

The ACCELERATE methodology gives you the benefit of setting up a relationship management framework that has been honed from over 500 relationship improvement projects. Quite simply, it will ensure :

  • Enjoyment of a ‘true ‘partnership’ working relationship
  • You benefit from a service provider that delivers like a strategic partner and is innovative
  • You can demonstrate that the initiatives you take are value for money
  • A ‘no blame’ culture ensures an appropriate and balanced  approached to risk taking for specific strategic or innovation ideas with your strategic partner
  • A contractual and service level framework that rewards innovation, new ways of working and faster operating processes
  • Both you and your strategic partner share the financial and kudos credence of achieving world class service delivery at a lower cost than your peers.

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