Spend Analysis

The first step to understanding how to re-align your procurement department and purchasing strategy is to understand where your capital and revenue expenditure is going within the organisation and aligning this to the outcomes your organisation is trying to achieve.

We have evidence that, when organisations realign their outcomes, your organisation can sometimes end up being mis-aligned in terms of how it prioritises its expenditure. By collating and re-organising the spend data, we ‘slice and dice’ it to look at the analysis across a broad range of headings that we align to your outcomes. By analysing the data in this way, we often find that expenditure can be reduced, but at the same time improving your front line and back office services.

Once this exercise is completed, we often find that developing a procurement strategy around the outcomes and the result of the spend analysis actually delivers much better results. This increases on-going savings and provides significantly greater commercial leverage with vendors across a much greater range of services the organisation is engaged with.

Using ACCELERATE we work in collaboration with you to help transform internal procurement functions and to improve departmental effectiveness and efficiency.