Public Sector Testimonials

Gareth Bott, Finance & IT, Ashfield Council

Thames Valley University (CIPS qualification)

Mr Eugene Madejski, Professor of Advanced Procurement Studies

“Having met the BPG team at a Conference, I could see the benefit of sharing their knowledge with my students studying on the CIPS Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply courses. As professional purchasers studying for their qualifications, a sound and robust understanding of the principles of IT and IS procurement is of critical business importance. Richard Kerr from the BPG team has been able to visit us for the last three years at TVU, and share his knowledge and experience of IT Procurement techniques with us at the CIPS Centre of Excellence. The students and I have gleaned a great deal of invaluable information from Richard, and we really do thank BPG for taking the time out to ‘put something’ back into helping our budding procurement professionals.”

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