SAP System problems blamed for hosepipe ban; time & money are leaking away

By Allan Watton on

Severn Trent Water (STW) is blaming a possible hosepipe ban on their new £70million computer system. It is claimed that challenges caused by their new SAP system are delaying the fixing of leaks, meaning targets are not being met and staff morale is at an all-time low.

This isn’t good news. But leakage of time and money can be stopped, and stopped quickly. The good news is that problematic major projects, such as STW’s SAP system, that are not achieving business objectives can be put back on track quickly and more often than not at the vendor’s cost.

By the prudent application of a recent Court judgment, where a vendor represents itself as a specialist, then they are accountable for their advice and must fix errant projects, such as software/IT projects, fast. This is even if the contract is ambiguous or tries to exclude reasonable responsibilities for the vendor to make their projects work.

In other words, STW can put a stop to their leaks. Service delivery performance can be improved fast, and benefits can be realised which, if it means an avoidance of a hosepipe ban, is positive news for homeowners and their gardens.

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