Bield Housing Association

Catalist Procurement

Brian Logan, Group Financial Director

We were in the final stages of procuring a very complex telecommunications system that would enable all our offices and housing schemes across Scotland to share voice and data networks. We decided to use the EU Catalist procurement route to find the most suitable telecommunications partner. This was a highly complex process because not only was the project itself far-reaching, the contractual documentation needed to include the additional terms and conditions while complying with the Catalist framework.  So we needed expertise at two levels: contract negotiations and knowledge of Catalist requirements. Only BPG could handle these dual needs.

BPG were especially concerned that we were protected if any aspect of the installation encountered a difficulty or if a section of the system broke down at any point. If a section of the new connectivity platform or legacy system could not be integrated into the enterprise-wide solution, it would then compromise our business. BPG ensured that the contract was framed to our advantage. They insisted on the inclusion of robust acceptance criteria, testing schedules and the right documentation to build up a picture of the complete project to ensure that both we and our partner were clear from the start.

Since we have many other projects scheduled for the future, we certainly plan to come back to BPG, as we were very impressed with the professionalism of the team.