BM Polyco Ltd

ERP System Procurement & Implementation

Gerrard Shuttleworth, Business Services Director

In choosing a new ERP system we were conscious of the commercial risk of relying on one provider. We chose Dynamics Nav because it is in use by many companies and has a network of providers.

However, the commercial risk also extended to the contract for the implementation and support of the ERP system. As a company we are reliant on the functionality of the system being true to the agreed specification.

Best Practice Group provided a structured route through selection and appointment of the ERP provider as well as a strong contractual basis for the relationship between customer and vendor in particular addressing matters of warranty and vendor liability.

The result of this meant that we had significant leverage over the ERP provider we selected to attend to problems that came up after ‘go live’. We had a very clear specification and could readily and unambiguously highlight any shortfalls in delivery that needed to be addressed.

When the time came to switch to a new provider for support a couple of years after implementation we were able to do so easily within the terms of the Best Practice Group contract

Overall, by following the structure and contract that Best Practice Group provided us we significantly reduced our commercial risk relating to the ERP system.