Fyffes – Failing SAP Implementation Review & Project Recovery Assurance

Fyffes engaged BPG to undertake an evidenced-based diagnostic review of a failing SAP project, which had followed the SAP Active implementation methodology, to determine:

  • If the systems integrator (SI) partner had adhered to the SAP Activate method (it had)
  • Whether it was operating within its represented field of SAP expertise (it was)
  • The degree to which it had validated Fyffes’ requirements correctly during due diligence (it had not)
  • How likely it was that a fit-for-purpose solution could be implemented within budget and time all as identified in the blueprint (it could not).

We negotiated a return of fees to Fyffes from the legacy partner and, later in the process, helped to support the engagement of a new SI partner.

Prior to BPG’s involvement, the new SI partner had also followed the SAP Activate method to analyse Fyffes’ end-to-end requirements and expectations, but this approach was again found wanting during due diligence. We worked with Fyffes to assure that the new SI would take a much more holistic approach to validating Fyffes’ end-to-end requirements, over and above that outlined in the SAP Activate method.

Through our modification of the engagement process, Fyffes’ requirements were realigned to make expectations clearer to the SI partner. This clarity helped the SI partner to commit to its role as an ‘expert’ in its field. The approach they are now taking to due diligence covers an ‘end-to-end’ view of how Fyffes needs to operate its business, which should remove any future misunderstandings.