Liverpool Victoria – Cloud Technology Procurement and Migration

Liverpool Victoria (LV) were undertaking a significant business transformation programme within its general insurance business, which involved the re-platforming of its policy administration and billing systems from its incumbent software vendor and moving to a cloud-based solution.

LV were looking for a consultancy partner who had extensive experience in procuring, implementing and optimising technically complex IT projects especially relating to the cloud. In particular, LV needed support from consultants experienced in the procurement of cloud-based vendor relationships for complex hosting and security requirements, and the on-going lifecycle management of those vendor relationships.

LV approached BPG knowing us to be technical project people with deep operational experience in cloud-based solutions, that have also read contract law. As part of our advisory profile, we use our deep domain technical and contractual expertise to help our clients or solicitors and barristers in structuring flexible, future-proofed contracts that achieve ‘enabling’ good behaviours in complex technical projects between client and vendor.

LV requested BPG support to help them understand how their business objectives could be assured by helping them to review options for cloud-based solutions. Once those options had been determined, then to work with LV’s internal technical business solutions team and their external lawyers to structure fit-for-purpose contractual arrangement. This was to cover both the ‘Day 1’ operations and contractual flexibility for future developments, as more and more of the operations would migrate to cloud over time.

BPG undertook initial appraisal work to determine the optimum cloud solutions available according to the business objectives and business processes LV were looking to improve. As part of this approach, BPG undertook contract strategy work with LV in order to establish the specific contractual structures and management operating models that would be required to ensure a fit-for-purpose outcome and a collaborative relationship from ‘Day 1’ of operation, whilst still ensuring contractual accountability to achieve the required business objectives.

BPG supported all of the technical, operational, business analysis and legal aspects of the cloud procurement project helping to form a fit for purpose and agile contract framework that provided the foundations for effective delivery in the operational environment. As part of the collaborative technical, operational and contract/legal teams, BPG worked with LV and their external lawyers to produce a high-level contractual structure that outlined the contractual strategy and the structure of the schedules. BPG also worked closely with LV’s lawyers to define the contractual terms and conditions to ensure they were fit for purpose to deliver the desired business outcomes in operational practice while also laying the foundations for a good, collaborative, innovative but safe working relationship between client and supplier.

The BPG mix of skills and expertise ensured that the final contract supported a fit-for-purpose outcome and was delivered in an accelerated time frame.