Bield Housing Association

Telecoms Procurement Support

Brian Logan, Director of Financial Services

We were implementing a major new telecoms system but weren’t clear how to take it forward, so asked BPG to guide us through the procurement. They gave us advice on how to prepare a Statement of Requirement, reviewed documentation and helped us with the tender process. Initially, we planned to go with the EU procurement procedure, but BPG suggested a shorter route through the Government Procurement Service (GPS) which provided a list of suppliers pre-selected to meet our specific needs.

Louise Connolly, Senior ICT Project Manager Being new to the procurement process, we invited BPG to run a workshop on how to map a methodology that followed the right procedures, with time scales, documentation and legal requirements. They guided us through the different stages of project scoping, due diligence and risk-minimising techniques we would not have considered – like ensuring that responsibility for the project is always with the supplier. BPG then reviewed our sourcing preparations, suggested improvements and directed us towards a list of three pre-qualified vendors. Not having to wade through hundreds of prospective suppliers saved us at least a month in project management and consultancy time. I’m extremely impressed with BPG’s approachability and expert knowledge.