IT Dispute

Steve Anderson, IT Director

At Bison, we were facing a serious situation. For almost 4 years we had been using a 3rd party provider to implement a £multi-million enterprise-wide system for our large manufacturing organisation. Unfortunately the project ended up as a net failure with only 3 of our 800 staff being able to use it. In desperation we turned to our legal team to seek redress from our IT partners who was supposed to have analysed our requirements and ensured the system would work. After months of consultation between our and the suppliers’ lawyers we were told we did not have a strong case based on commercial terms. Having burned so much money with nothing to show for it, we were devastated. I turned to Best Practice Group because they had helped others in similar circumstances, and while they aren’t legal people, they are experienced in these matters – especially in IT and system implementation. After studying our paperwork from high level to fine detail, they suggested we change course and try a different avenue which, from their experience, would yield a better result. BPG have integrated technical support into our legal team and they work extremely well together. We now have the momentum to present our case and yield a positive result.