Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Procurement: Re-tendering for ICT Service Provider

Sue Johnson, Assistant Director – Financial Services & Corporate  ICT

“We began the process of re-tendering for our ICT outsourcing provider because our current contract was coming to an end. Our agenda was different today than it was 10 years ago, especially with the ever-increasing pressures to optimise operational efficiencies. In addition, we were entering the process as one of four partners, so we quickly realised the benefits of procuring a provider with the help of an independent expert who had managed this kind of project before.

From analysing our business objectives to keeping things and the team focused throughout the bidding process, BPG’s knowledge of technology procurement contracts and its methodical approach filled us with confidence. BPG created a framework for the system specification documentation and ensured all our interests were fully protected. Because ICT is a fast-moving, ever-changing medium, BPG’s guidelines and expertise also helped us consider what we would need in the future, which gave us that all important peace of mind. The procurement of a new ICT outsourcing provider was a massive project for all the partners and it could have been easy to become overwhelmed at times. BPG kept everything in perspective and helped us reach a successful conclusion.

By using BPG’s methodology, we had a structure laid out for us at every stage of the procurement process. With the help of BPG, Bolton Council achieved savings of half a million pounds per annum without having to lose any jobs.”