Ashfield District Council

Corporate Procurement: Using the OJEU Procurement Process

Mr Gareth Bott, Head of Finance & IT

“We engaged Best Practice Group PLC to help with a corporate procurement that had no natural lead area within our organisation – a major project crossing many different service groups. BPG were great at keeping that process moving, and they also provided the support needed to reduce risk. BPG are clearly experts and they identified a lot of less obvious pitfalls using the OJEU procurement processes. Some organisations may not see the value of using a company like BPG to provide a framework to use themselves and/or manage the entire procurement process – but organisations who want a mature, professional relationship with suppliers will find it well worth the investment. BPG helps get all the issues out from the start so that everyone’s clear who’s responsible for what, which suppliers really appreciate too. It means no surprises for them or for us.”