Durham County Council

Revenues & Benefits System Procurement

Ian Ferguson, Revenues & Benefits Manager

“The Council needed to procure a replacement Revenues & Benefits system that could drive efficiencies and create a consistent approach across the county. We needed something better than the traditional procurement approach. We didn’t want to base our decision on suppliers telling us how wonderful their products were. We needed something more technical, which would allow us to hold our supplier to account. We were looking for a different way of doing it.

By using BPG’s process we knew what we were going to get before we signed the contract and the software company knew what was expected of them. Nothing was hidden and we all knew what was expected of them. This meant we were all very focused on delivering what was in the contract. It took a lot of effort but it was worth it. We got an excellent product at an excellent price and it ensured we had an open and honest relationship with our supplier. That’s borne out by the fact that we’re still pro-actively working with our supplier and working on a whole range of new sub-projects aimed at optimising our use of the system and delivering major benefits and efficiencies to the Revenues and Benefits service.

BPG was very good. Very approachable, very honest. We could have an open discussion with them. They have fitted in very well and worked well with all parts of the Council. When you follow their procurement process, you know what you are buying and there’s no dispute. It’s either in the contract or it’s not. There are no surprises. ”


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