South Bucks District Council

ICT Managed Services Procurement

Linda Grange, ICT Manager

We worked together with BPG on the procurement of ICT Managed Services as part of a larger multi procurement project.  They assisted in the procurement exercise as well as the specification and aligning the operational activities, outcomes and objectives of the project with the contractual roles and responsibilities of the service provider, so that the council would have the basis of a strong working relationship with the provider going forward. They brought their experience and expertise of ensuring that there were no ambiguities in the specification, in particular what not to do, which could cause us any problems later in the contract.  BPG came up with lots of good ideas, so it was very useful.

BPG helped us to build the necessary clarity into our statement of requirements, the vendor’s service specification, and the contract documents; one of the tools they use – the objective matrix – was particularly useful.

When additional legal support was required, BPG stepped in at very short notice to provide assistance. They also provided resource to undertake scenario testing and measuring. After the contract was awarded they stayed in contact to ensure that the transition was smooth.  I’d definitely recommend BPG.