LNER – Procurement Assurance Review

Advising the client on a high-risk, complex technology implementation procurement process.

Procurement Assurance Review

The initial stage of the project was for BPG to conduct a Procurement Assurance Review to assure the evaluation stage of the process. The purpose of this review was for LNER to be better informed of where the ERP supplier proposals:

  • Were likely to achieve LNER outcomes, objectives and requirements
  • Presented any compromises to LNER’s expectations and how these may impact LNER
  • Could be contractually relied upon.

The process of the Assurance Review:

  • Documentation Review – review of LNER expectations as identified in the ITT, Requirements, Provider Responses and Clarifications, along with how those expectations were expected to be contracted for within the CCS contract terms and schedules
  • Stakeholder Discussions – to contextualise early observations from the documentation review
  • Detailed Analysis cross-referencing the documentation and the stakeholder context with early findings provided to LNER for feedback
  • Workshop with the LNER team to explore our findings, identify what was working well, identify where there may be ambiguities and provide recommendations on how to resolve them.

Procurement Assurance Review Outputs

Following the review, BPG delivered a workshop to share the findings from the assurance process and analysis, and to provide assurance to LNER on the clarity of their requirements articulation, the fitness for purpose of the bidders’ proposed due-diligence/scoping process and contractual arrangements.

BPG also provided advice on what actions LNER should undertake (either pre-contractually or post-contractually) if any potential misunderstandings were identified, to minimise and mitigate any adverse impact on the supplier clarification and selection process and the supplier due diligence stage.

Following the procurement process bid evaluation validation, BPG supported LNER with the supplier due diligence stage and contract award mobilisation planning.