Luton Borough Council – IT Managed Services Exit and Transition Support

BPG worked with Luton Borough Council to help them determine what they needed to have in place to secure a safe exit and transition from an existing outsourcing agreement and achieve a smooth landing into replacement service provision. The difficulties we helped them resolve mostly stemmed from the lack of fit-for-purpose exit provisions in their original contract.

BPG supported Luton BC with the following key aims:

  • Negotiation of Exit terms and provisions aligned to Council’s preferred outcomes
  • Positive and productive engagement between Supplier and Council representatives of areas specifically impacting the Commercial and Contractual aspects of the Exit discussions
  • Resolution of conflicting priorities or outcomes between the parties
  • Support for the Council’s nominated Exit Manager
  • Assurance of exit and transition of IT Managed Services and Incumbent/New Provider “Expert Responsibilities” and “Duty to Warn” appropriately implemented to protect the Council.

Our Assurance Activity involved:

  • Development and Delivery of Contract and Relationship Management awareness workshop(s) for Exit Manager and Contract Manager
  • Council Exit Strategy Planning
  • Heads of Terms Negotiation and Development
  • Deed of Termination Negotiation and Development
  • Agreed Supplier Exit Plan Negotiation and Development
  • Supporting development of the Commercial Business Case
  • New Services procurement: assuring Expert Responsibilities and Duty to Warn adequately reflected in contract, due diligence/scoping and procurement process
  • Artefacts for transferring Assets, Contracts, Employees, Data, Information/Documentation.
  • Post-Deed signing with incumbent; facilitating and supporting commercial aspects of ‘Day 1’ landing and handover to Luton BC and New Service Providers.

Throughout our assignment we supported the resolution of any arising conflicts between Luton BC and their suppliers.