MoD: Submarine Delivery Agency – Intelligent Client Training

BPG have been providing Contract and Relationship Management training to the MOD’s Naval bases and Abbey Wood since early 2021 in support of their Future Maritime Support Programme (FMSP) FM contracts.

On the back of the success of this training, BPG were asked to design and deliver Intelligent Client training specific to the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA). The main themes of the training were:

  • The role of the Intelligent Client (IC) – what an IC is, what it does and why it is important
  • Acceptance Criteria – knowing what is expected from the supplier and being able to hold the supplier to account while maintaining a strong relationship
  • FMSP – Training tailored specifically to SDA and their specific FMSP contracts 
  • Scenarios – to be incorporated into the training to give delegates a chance to put theory and new knowledge into practice in a safe environment.

BPG’s Bespoke Training Design Approach

To facilitate the delivery of training specifically tailored to SDA’s contracts, we conducted the following stages of activity: 

  • Reviewed the live contracts along with current SDA contract management policies, existing training/onboarding requirements and existing relevant IC tools
  • Held discussions and workshops with nominated SDA stakeholders to ensure we captured training requirements aligned to the themes above
  • Identified and discussed suitability of relevant SDA examples/case studies to incorporate into the training
  • Identified re-usable content from previously delivered Modules 1-4, with customisation and refocus onto the most relevant content to meet SDA needs 
  • Finalised the design, structure, content, attendance and timing of the SDA training sessions.

The above activity was delivered through a combination of desktop/documentation review, joint on-site content review and development meetings/workshops, and remote on-line review sessions as the development of the content progressed. 

Training Delivery

The resulting bespoke training was delivered through face-to-face sessions to SDA IC representatives at Clyde, Devonport and Abbey Wood, consisting of 2-day training courses for each site.