How To Safely Fast-Track Strategic Procurements In A Crisis

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Our experts will cover:

  • How to mitigate the 3 critical risks associated with procuring strategic suppliers quickly
  • How to fast track your procurement legally and avoid supplier challenge
  • How to structure your procurement to ensure successful outcomes
  • The tools and techniques to enable excellent supplier relationship management
  • How to undertake a Competitive Dialogue in just 90 days
  • PLUS Q&A session to address your challenges
  • Attendees will receive a FREE guide to help future procurements


Chief Executive of Best Practice Group.

Allan has worked on 500+ strategic partnerships that have required re-alignment and re-shaping. Of these, many have been ‘problematic’ Projects. With so much at stake, and with so much potential for things to go wrong, it’s unsurprising that many strategic commissioning projects run into trouble.

Allan’s worked in the Strategic Service Commissioning, Business Process Outsourcing and Technology fields for nearly 30 years. He is regarded as one of the UK’s foremost authorities on strategic service provider relationships and developing practical contract structures for complex projects and programmes that involve multi-vendor, multi-source relationships.

Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Allan


Expert Witness

Richard helps organisations construct effective strategies for ensuring optimal outcomes in their most mission-critical complex ICT projects and outsourcing programmes. Richard’s skills and experience cover all stages of major outsourcing, managed services and complex ICT-enabled business change projects of all sizes – from the smaller business systems of circa £1m to multi-billion-pound outsourcing and strategic partnering deals.

As an Expert Witness, Richard knows how and why large projects fail and uses the lessons from the failed projects to put robust procurement strategies, plans and contracts in place to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.

IT Dispute Expert, Richard