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Maximising Efficiency and Value

Best Practice Group (BPG) works in close collaboration with a broad range of business sectors, including local government, the private sector, charities and educational establishments, advising and supporting executives, their teams and trusted service delivery partners. Together we create business change strategies, procure services and form strategic provider agreements thus enabling our clients to drive maximum efficiency and value from the deployment of organisational change, outsourcing and technology projects.

BPG’s Approach

We provide completely objective advice and support. We are independent of all vendors and service delivery partners.

We adopt a flexible methodology to your projects, whether by a collaborative approach engaged with your in-house team, by taking a hands-on participative role, or by leading the project on your behalf. Whatever the role, our overriding goal is the achievement of your objectives. We help shrink the time normally taken in realising the benefits from full project deployment and we help to reduce life time ownership cost.

Minimising Contractual and Technical Risk

Our approach concentrates on maximising the business and financial benefits of projects and minimising contractual and technical risk. The validity of which needs to be tested at each and every stage during the procurement and deployment of projects to ensure you will obtain the effectiveness you need.

To help assist and streamline the validation process we have developed the “ACCELERATE” methodology specifically for this purpose.

The overriding objective of the “ACCELERATE” methodology is quite simply to:

Deliver certainty from the adoption of best practice in procurement and the deployment of organisational change, outsourcing and technology projects.’

This methodology has been developed and refined by us over a wide range of successful procurement and outsourcing advisory and support assignments in both the public and private sector alike. This methodology includes an excellent library of support materials (checklists, frameworks, starter documents, workshop material, templates and so forth). This helps you to ‘hit the ground running’ and avoid unnecessary work in ‘re-inventing the wheel’. Our extensive investment in creating and proving the ACCELERATE framework empowers you to accelerate your rate of organisational change by us sharing knowledge from prior lessons through joint collaboration.

ACCELERATE Methodology

Historically BPG has been regarded as one of the premier major project turn around organisations and frequently we are assigned to independently review outsourcing agreements that are under performing and then to mediate and help in-house service delivery teams to manage the supplier and improve contract performance, whilst reducing total cost of ownership and increasing value for money.

Our experience is in having successfully turned around many projects over the years. Our insight into the causes that made projects become unhealthy allowed us to develop a best practice methodology and framework for handling such delicate situations time after time. The method concentrates on preventing performance issues from arising during any stage of the project life cycle, for example, at project initiation, through procurement, deployment and ongoing operations. The best practice methodology which was developed and continues to be refined is ‘ACCELERATE’.

ACCELERATE helps to:

  • Formulate organisational change strategies and tests feasibility (Concept Viability).
  • Set up vendor, partner agreements and project charters for success.
  • Manage projects by clarifying high level corporate objectives from the outset and by aligning key performance measures to the objectives.
  • Create mechanisms for communicating and for testing efficiency gains and value gains at critical stages of the project life cycle.
  • Retain project stakeholder, sponsor(s), project teams, vendors and partners working in close alignment to the original agreement and in collaboration during deployment and ongoing service delivery.
  • Create a framework for knowledge transfer and helps to manage ongoing relationships at both executive and project levels.
  • Supplement and prevent over reliance on conventional and well established ‘best practice’ approaches. The ACCELERATE methodology has been applied to OJEU procurement frameworks such as Competitive Dialogue and Catalist, to project management frameworks such as PRINCE2 and to delivery frameworks such as ITIL, further reducing the risks and significantly speeding up the time in using these methodologies.
  • Prevent the usual issues arising during major project execution such as a lack of clarity between your service delivery partner’s interpretation of deliverables/obligations and the signed agreement. We have seen this as classic project manager behaviour inadvertently diluting the client’s contractual position.
  • Manages the transfer and flow down of risks and monitors risk exposure throughout the entire life time of supply agreements.
  • Reduces elapsed time lines to implementation ‘go live’ and ‘benefit realisation’.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life time of agreements.

ACCELERATE allows for all kinds of service delivery models, along with supporting technology arrangements, to be designed with future change firmly in mind from the outset. It is vital to build-in sufficient commercial and contractual flexibility allowing you to respond quickly to changes in organisational strategy and needs, emerging technologies and any desired changes in business operation models.