BPG, Supporting IT Directors with Complex Supplier Projects

We specialise in ensuring complex technology projects succeed by delivering outcomes, avoiding supplier disputes and improving relationships.

Are you an IT Director looking to procure a solution? having challenges with an existing one? or do you need to exit a current supplier contract?

BPG can provide expert support at every stage, mitigating a wide range of risks including; reputational, commercial, contractual and project delivery, ensuring successful supplier performance and engagement, and outcomes for our clients.

Projects that we support include Complex IT Solutions, Technology Transformation, Outsourcing, In-Sourcing, Shared Services and PFI/PPP.

It’s what we do, it’s all we do, and for over 20 years we have successfully supported clients, working seamlessly with their financial, legal, procurement, technical and operational teams on over 500 complex supplier relationships, providing an experienced view and fresh perspective.


“BPG provided the focus to enable the Council to achieve a very favourable financial settlement, saving us many millions of pounds in both legal and other fees/costs”

Nick Bell, Chief Finance Officer, Essex County Council

Working with IT Directors, CIOs and Technology Teams

BPG is frequently appointed by IT Directors and technology teams to provide Assurance Services for their organisation’s complex projects. We understand that IT teams and wider client teams want to ensure that the right and relevant contractual, commercial and performance decisions are being made with supplier engagements and that these mitigate a wide range of risks.

BPG engage directly with your suppliers and work closely with you, your internal IT and wider teams, providing expert advice and support to successfully achieve your objectives.

Taking the first step to talk with BPG starts with a one-to-one confidential conversation with Allan Watton (BPG’s CEO). Allan will outline what actionable steps you and your team can take, and if necessary and relevant to you, what support BPG can provide.

After BPG is instructed, we would normally undertake a short Discovery exercise, helping you to clarify your outcomes and objectives, review where you are now and provide a gap analysis with a roadmap of how to get to your desired state.

Services we provide

Designing Services and Projects

Procurement and Contracting

Improving Supplier Performance

Exit and Transition from Suppliers

Complex Projects that BPG Support you in

“I am looking forward to meeting you at the Richmond Events IT Directors’ Forum”

Allan has 35 years’ experience in procuring, contracting, implementing and assuring the success of complex business and technology project solutions, where there is a supplier engagement. He specialises in driving maximum value for client organisations, focusing on mitigating commercial and contractual risks from client’s supplier agreements. Allan is regularly called upon as an ‘Expert Witness’ for the High Courts on behalf of clients with supplier disputes. He provides expert opinion on evidence of failed complex projects, including both positive and challenged client and supplier contracts, behaviours and governance. As founder and CEO of Best Practice Group, Allan implements the lessons learned from Court cases and wider client and supplier engagements, to prevent misunderstandings, to ensure complex projects are fit for purpose and to minimise commercial risks from the outset.

Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Allan

Gary Wallace, Financial Director

Tullis Russel Papermakers

“For us bringing in BPG was all about reducing risk. BPG’s knowledge of technology, contracts and the manufacturing industry enabled us to make immediate progress in our procurement project….”

Mr Jon Warlow, Interim Head of Finance

Blaby District Council

“We are looking at modernising the way the Council operates financially….We are using BPG’s procurement approach to minimise risk, maximise opportunity and to ensure that we buy the right system at the right price, and it’s fully implemented within the timeframe.”

Jonathan Wood, Finance Director

East Lancashire NHS Trust

“After we implemented BPG’s advise on our PFI agreement, we have improved fitness for purpose of the service and the reallocation of up to £25m of funding to drive much better value across the remaining lifespan of the relationship.”

Mark Rayner, CFO

Richmond Events

“Over the years Best Practice Group consultants have been popular speakers at our forums and so when we came up against issues with one of our IT suppliers, we naturally turned to BPG for advice.”

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